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Learn French

By WAGmob

  • Release Date: 2013-03-06
  • Genre: Education


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WAGmob brings you a Simple 'n Easy, on-the-go learning Book to help you get started on French language. A beginner’s guide that teaches you the basics in a nice and organized manner. Designed for English speakers: a fast, easy, and fun way to learn French. Meeting friends and co-workers who speak French could be much more fun with this Book. Focus is on everyday phrases and words of French language. This Book is designed to increase user's interest towards learning French language. A Simple and interactive way of learning French language through this Book. This Book will only work in landscape mode.

Features include Quizzes and Animations with sound.

The Book includes following Chapters: 
Introduction (Why learn French/ Tips for Effective Language Learning); Basic Grammar (Nouns/ Adjectives/ Verbs/ Adverbs); Vocabulary (Numbers and Measures/ Colors, Animals, and Food/ People, Season and Time); Phrase Book; Visual Dictionary, and Scenarios (for practicing dialogues).

Phrasebook includes phrases on:

Greeting and General Words,
Food, Drink, and Going out,
Places, People and Family,
Sports and the Outdoors,
General Questions,
Travelling Around,
Police Emergency,
Medical and Disaster Emergency,

Scenarios includes following Scenarios:

Dating Scenario,
Emergency Scenario,
Hotel Scenario,
On the Phone Scenario,
Plans Scenario,
At the Restaurant Scenario,
At the Store Scenario,
Sports Scenario,
Weather Scenario,
Job Scenario.

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