The Ethics of School Administration, 3rd Edition - Kenneth A. Strike

The Ethics of School Administration, 3rd Edition

By Kenneth A. Strike

  • Release Date: 2005-01-23
  • Genre: Education


This popular text features a rigorous yet practical approach to the difficult dilemmas that so often arise in school administration. Using case studies to illustrate particular ethical issues, the authors cover such topics as: standards • assessment and evaluation • equal opportunity • multiculturalism • religious differences • due process • freedom of expression • personal liberty • and authority.

Updated to address today’s emphasis on meeting standards and raising test scores, the Third Edition features:
Cases that discuss such current issues as zero tolerance policies and integrity in reporting data. A revised chapter addressing the difficulty of focusing on standards while also dealing with competing demands, such as respecting the professional judgment of teachers, turning schools into learning communities, and engaging parents and members of the larger community in school life. Additional material that refocuses the discussion of legitimate authority and democracy on accountability and personal liberty.
Praise for the First Edition!

“This text has much to recommend [it] to educators in general and school administrators in particular….encourages inquiring educators to explore the complexity of their decisions, thus improving the likelihood that decisions will be more ethical.”
—NASSP Bulletin

“Just like ethical practices, this book isn’t easy, but it’s good for you—and education.”
—The Executive Educator

“The text can be used both for courses in educational administration and by practicing administrators.”
—School Law News